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Phone: 01482 222477
General enquiries: [email protected]
IT support: [email protected]

Meet the Team

Simon Ford IT Wizard - The Man Who Can

A mad Hull City supporter, who like to spend time telling us how Hull City will one day win the Premiership. Simon is also a doting father to his two girls. Simon is a true Geek, who like to spend time in his Man Cave at home. He says that it is all for learning new products, but we believe most of the time is spent on his PS4.

Telephone: 01482 222477
Email: [email protected]

Stuart Daysley IT Wizard - The Laughing Man

Stuart is our resident barrel of laughs! Always jolly, no matter what life throws at him, he is by far the hardest worker in the office since he has to clean up after the apprentice (Pause for laughter). With his head buried into his computer and a daily challenge on every screen, Stuart still manages to stay calm and in control and never lets a problem take away his smile. Can be spotted in Tenerife every December.

Telephone: 01482 222477
Email: [email protected]

Vicky O’Grady Marketing Guru - The Creative

Always approachable, a kind hearted, social person who supports the community, and many different charities.
You will always find her checking LinkedIn, Facebook and many other social media outlets.
She is easy to talk to, and always trying to find the next thing to promote. One of her greatest talents is her creativity, which comes out in many different mediums including painting.

Telephone: 01482 971117
Email: [email protected]

Mathew Makin Intelligent IT Solutions Provider - The Terrier

No matter what the situation, Mat is always the calm and level headed one.  He brings his own unique blend of wit into the office and outside of work he enjoys spending time with his Family and playing the odd game of Starcraft.

Telephone: 01482 222477

Email: [email protected]

Cameron Hoy IT Wizard - The Apprentice

Cameron always seems to have a smile on his face whether he’s making a joke or being the subject of one. A car enthusiast he dreams of owning his own brand new BMW-just like the “Boss”. Setting his goals high and always career driven, his job is a passion that follows him home – building or fixing PC’s in his spare time too!

Telephone: 01482 222477
Email: [email protected]

David Atkin Intelligent IT solutions provider - The Fountain Of Knowledge

A big technology enthusiast, Dave has an abundance of knowledge locked away in his head. He is the go too guy before Google! And will more than often have the answer you are looking for which makes him such a top IT Engineer. Dave is a kind, friendly and genuine guy with a big heart for the welfare of animals and a true vegetarian. He is also a keen Sci-Fi fan and a lover of Rum!!

Telephone: 01482 222477
Email: [email protected]

Michael O’Grady Intelligent IT solutions provider - The Decision Maker

Always cracking jokes and keeping everyone else smiling, Mike’s friendly, hardworking and level headed approach keeps the company driving forward in a fun filled environment.
When he isn’t in the office, he can be found riding his motorbike across the country or catching up on the latest episode of Family Guy - he’s also quite the collector and has a passion for comics.

Telephone: 01482 222477
Email: [email protected]

Simon Ford

Stuart Daysley

Vicky O’Grady

Mathew Makin

Cameron Hoy

David Atkin

Michael O’Grady

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